Your question: How do I check my health lottery raffle?

Does the Health Lottery let you know if you have won?

If you’ve matched any 3 main winning numbers and the bonus ball grab your winning ticket (you can’t collect your prize without it) and head to any Health Lottery retailer. … Subscription and online players will receive notification from THL of their prize.

Where is raffle number on lotto ticket?

When you purchase tickets to a lottery with a supplementary raffle, each line is assigned an additional number which is used in the raffle drawing. If this alphanumeric code, printed at the bottom of each ticket you purchase, matches the code drawn in the raffle, you win the raffle prize!

What time are the Health Lottery results?

Results are usually published around 8pm.

Does anyone ever win the Health Lottery?

The Health Lottery is not a national lottery. … Players’ odds of winning a Health Lottery prize are approximately 1 in 9.7. The Health Lottery’s top cash prize is £100,000, which is given away twice a week through additional free prize draws every Wednesday and Saturday.

How does The Health Lottery raffle work?

For each payment transaction you will receive one Mega Raffle code, which will appear in the “my account” section of the website for online purchases and will be printed on retail tickets. This code will be entered into the Mega Raffle draw multiple times, according to the amount of money spent on your purchase.

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Can you play Health Lottery online?

It couldn’t be easier to play the lottery online. Simply register an account with The Health Lottery today, and then purchase your tickets here. Online lotto players must be over 16 and you’ll need to enter some basic information including date of birth, debit card information and contact details.

Is raffle draw a lottery?

is that raffle is a drawing, often held as a fundraiser, in which tickets or chances are sold to win a prize while lottery is a scheme for the distribution of prizes by lot or chance, especially a gaming scheme in which one or more tickets bearing particular numbers draw prizes, the other tickets are blanks.

How do you play raffle online?

If you want to do a raffle online, you can host a giveaway on social media or a raffle website. Pick a site to host your raffle, and choose your prizes and ticketing system. Then, make a post or a website detailing your raffle information. At the end of your set raffle time, pick a winner fairly and honestly.

What’s the difference between a raffle and a lottery?

The fundamental difference in between a raffle and a lottery is that a raffle always has a winner (i.e. all the purchased tickets are entered into a raffle draw) while a lottery may return a non-winning result (i.e. a combination of number that nobody has selected for their entry).

How many health lottery draws a week?

When you play the Health Lottery, you need to select five numbers from 1 to 50. Draws take place every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so there are five chances to play and win each week.

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