What does 0 25 mean in betting?

What is a +0.25 bet in soccer?

Handicap 0.25

This line says the favored team (Real Madrid) is one-quarter of a goal better than the underdog (Barca). By betting a “quarter bet” you are minimizing your risk because it essentially means that you have two options not to lose your bet. If you wager on Los Blancos at -0.25 and they win, you win your bet.

What does +0.75 mean in soccer betting?

A 0.75 bet essentially gives your selected team a three-quarters of a goal head start (+0.75) or deficit (-0.75). If you’ve selected +0.75 then your bet wins if that team win or draw. If they lose by a one-goal margin, half the stake is refunded to you, and the other half is lost.

What does 1.25 mean in betting?

Total goals

Total Goals Bet Total Goals Match Bet Result
Under 1.25 Won
Under 1.25 1 Half Won
Under 1.25 2+ Lost
Under 1.5 0 & 1 Won

What does +0 mean in betting?

If you bet on Team A with a “0” handicap against Team B and Team A wins, you win. If there is a draw in the match, your bet is refunded. But if team A loses, your bet loses. Handicap 0 is your insurance in case of a draw.

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What does a spread of 0.5 mean?

A bettor would typically bet on either Team A to win or draw, or Team B to win or draw. … In betting against the spread (ATS) terms, you’re giving your team a +0.5 handicap so that they can either win or draw the match.

What does over 0.75 goals mean?

However, if the game ends at 1-0 or 0-1, the results of your bet changes, these are the results of your bet: Under 0.75 is a HALF-LOSS. Over 0.75 is a HALF-WIN.

What does under 0.5 goals mean?

Under 0.5 goals is a bet on the game having 0 goals scored in the match. The under 0.5 market applies to a full game (90 minutes + additional time) but does not include extra time. Also, all goals scored by both teams towards this market, and just 1 goal by either side will cause this bet to lose.

What does under 1.5 mean in betting?

Under 1.5 goals – 1 or 0 goals in a match to win. Over/under markets are a two-way betting market, you either win or lose (no draws), which is done by the “. 5”. If the number was whole, say 3, betting sites would need to add an option for exactly 3 goals in the match, instead they use the “.

What does over 1.0 goals mean?

For goal line betting, the bet concerns how many goals will be scored in a game. What does over one goal line mean? In short, it means that two or more goals will be scored in the game; although as we’ll see later, an over one goal meaning a small return for your bet makes it a less popular market for bettors.

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What does over 3.5 goals mean?

Put simply, over/under 3.5 goals is a bet on the total number of goals in the match (both teams) and cover the 90 minutes and additional time. Over 3.5 goals is a bet on 4 or more goals in a game, while under 3.5 goals is a bet on 3 or fewer goals in a match.

What does 1.0 mean in betting?

1 handicap e.g. Arsenal (-1.0) v Newcastle (1.0)

If you’re backing Arsenal they must win by at two goals for you to win your bet. However, if you’re backing Arsenal and they only win by one goal, the result is effectively a draw and your stake is refunded.

What does a 0.0 spread mean?

A pick’em is a betting offer in which there is no favorite or underdog. This can occur on Point Spread bets where the line is set at 0 points (so the winner of the game wins the Point Spread).

How do you bet no draw?

Draw No Bet removes the option of a draw from a bet and allows bettors to bet on either a home or away win. If your selection is successful your bet will win, If the contest ends in a draw, your stake will be returned meaning you neither win or lose. Your bet will lose if the team you backed are defeated.