Question: What is the gambling age on Royal Caribbean?

What cruise lines can you drink at 18?

A few lines (including Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Princess and Norwegian) allow 18- to 20-year-olds to drink alcohol in international waters if their parent or adult guardian signs a waiver form.

Can 18 year olds go on cruises alone?

Rules for cruising alone: Passengers must be 18 years old to travel on their own. Families are encouraged to book cabins next to or opposite one another. Children age 13 or under need to share a cabin with an adult.

Can you drink at 18 on Royal Caribbean?

The minimum age to consume alcohol on Royal Caribbean International ships on sailings originating from North America or the Caribbean is twenty-one (21). … The minimum age to consume alcohol on Royal Caribbean International ships on sailings from South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand is eighteen (18).

Can you drink at 18 in the Bahamas?

The legal drinking age in The Bahamas is 18. Drug Laws — Importing, possessing, or dealing unlawful drugs, including marijuana, is a serious offense in The Bahamas, with heavy penalties.

Can an 18 year old drink on a cruise ship?

Those 18 and younger must share a cabin with a parent or guardian 21 or older. … All passengers must be 21 years old to drink alcohol, with the exception of Europe and South America cruises if parents cruising with their children sign a waiver allowing their 18 to 20 year olds consume alcohol.

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Can you drink at 18 on a Disney cruise?

The drinking age on all of Disney Cruise Line’s ships is 21. On itineraries operating round trip from European countries with lower legal drinking ages, parents or guardians of 18- to 20-year-olds may sign an alcohol waiver allowing them to drink when accompanied by the parent/guardian.

What Islands is the drinking age 18?

Belize: 18 years old. Bermuda: 18 years old. British Virgin Islands: 18 years old. Cayman Islands: 18 years old.

Are Disney Cruises fun for 18 year olds?

Disney Cruise Line offers a special event for travelers ages 18 to 20 — known as the 1820 Society — to get to know one another at the beginning of the cruise. Taking place in the adults-only Cove Cafe, the event is called “Stir it. … Likewise, Celebrity Cruises realizes young adults want their own fun.