How do you redeem e card rewards from Ohio Lottery rewards?

Does the Ohio Lottery have gift cards?

Trade in your MyLotto Rewards™ points for great stuff from our catalog. With the many choices – from gift cards to game consoles to your favorite gear – there’s something for everyone.

How do I redeem my Ohio Lottery points?

All you have to do is log into your MyLotto® Rewards account on your desktop or through the Ohio Lottery mobile app then head over to redemption central to browse the digital catalog. Once you order your gift card, it will be emailed to the address associated with your MyLotto® Rewards account within two hours!

How do you cash in the Ohio lottery?

Lottery Cash is now available at Redemption Central. You can choose to use 800 points for $10 in Lottery Cash or use 400 points to earn $5 Lottery Cash. Your Lottery Cash will be added to your MyLotto Rewards account within 24 hours.

How do I set up my lottery?

Here’s how to sign up now and make your MyLotto account.

  1. Select Login in the top right of your screen. Just select Register now to enter your details and set up your password.
  2. Confirm your email to verify your account. …
  3. Log in and add your bank account details.
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What are the Ohio Lottery games?


  • Classic Lotto.
  • Rolling Cash 5.
  • Pick 5.
  • Pick 4.
  • Pick 3.
  • Lucky for Life.
  • Mega Millions.
  • Powerball.

What is a 10 digit VIRN?

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How do I activate my Ohio lottery ticket?

Signing on the terminal:

From the Admin menu, touch the [SIGN ON/OFF] icon. Enter your retailer ID in the pop up window. Then enter your pass code in the pop-up window. You will see “Sign On Successful – Welcome to the Ohio Lottery.” Touch the [OK] icon.

What is Ohio Lottery cash?

What is Lottery Cash? Lottery Cash can be used to purchase Lottery products such as Scratch-Offs or Draw games at any Ohio Lottery Retailer. What are Lottery Coupons? Lottery Coupons can be used to purchase specific Lottery games at Ohio Lottery Retailers and qualified self-service terminals for a discounted price.