How do I contact National Lottery?

Can I email National Lottery?

Contact us

Call our Customer Care Team on 0333 234 44 33 or alternatively email us at Complaints should be made to or 0370 737 3983.

How do I get in touch with the National Lottery?

Customer Care Team: 0333 234 44 33 (0370 737 3983 for complaints). For the hard of hearing using Minicom equipment, please call 0370 737 8249. Calls cost no more than calls to 01 and 02 numbers.

How do you email the lottery?

Submit your question using the Contact Us page or email for the fastest answer. NOTICE: Lottery District Offices are open Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM to accept claim forms.

How do I contact Camelot?

Need to get in touch?

  1. 0800 8 40 50 60. Player enquiries.
  2. 028 9568 0143. International business enquiries.

What happens if you win lotto online?

For tickets purchased using the Lott Website or App

If you win a prize from an online purchase we will deposit the prize money directly into your online lottery account usually no later than the next day. You will also be notified by email about your entry winning a prize.

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How long does it take for a lottery winner to get their money?

If you elected the cash option or if your prize is only offered in a single payment, your check should arrive approximately six to eight weeks from your claim date. If your prize is to be paid in installments, your first payment should be available within six to eight weeks from your claim date.

Why can’t I get the National Lottery website?

The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments. If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network connection. If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

Are the CA lottery offices open?

Lottery District Offices are now open for in-person servicing of claims. Players can walk-in at their convenience and will be assisted on a first-come basis. Appointments are not available and claims will not be accepted via drop box.

Did anyone win the Mega Millions today?

There was no jackpot winner in California for this draw. But there are 46,256 winning tickets!

Detailed Draw Results for California.

Matching Numbers Winning Tickets Prize Amounts
Mega 30,808 $2
Total Winning Tickets 46,256

Do lottery tickets expire?

Don’t wait too long. Draw-game tickets expire 180 days after the drawing. Print ‘n Play games expire 180 days after the purchase date. Scratchers expire 180 days after the end of the game.

Does Camelot still own the lottery?

Camelot hold the UK National Lottery licence

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Camelot’s current licence runs until 2024. During this time it: manages The National Lottery infrastructure. designs new games.

How do you cancel National Lottery account?

How to cancel The National Lottery

  1. Log in to your National Lottery account.
  2. Go to the ‘Account’ section in the top right corner.
  3. Click the ‘Manage my account’ tab.
  4. Head to the ‘Debit card details’ section.
  5. Click the ‘Edit’ button next to your card details.
  6. Select the ‘Cancel’ button at the bottom of the page.

Can I give my family money if I win the lottery?

The experts can answer all your questions

No. You don’t pay tax on your lottery winnings, and any money gifted to family and friends is free of tax. The only tax you or the gift recipients will pay is on any earnings from this money.