Frequent question: Why do they mispronounce Delacroix in the lottery?

What is Tessie Hutchinson relationship to Mrs Delacroix?

Mrs. Delacroix is evidently friends with Tessie Hutchinson and engages in casual small talk with her when she arrives late to the lottery.

Why did Mrs Delacroix select a large stone in the lottery?

Delacroix (of the cross) does not refuse to throw stones; however, she can refuse to hit the mark. She picks a large stone because she doesn’t actually want to hit her friend.

Why is the name Hutchinson ironic in the lottery?

Many of the names in “The Lottery” contain symbols or allusions to historical figures. … The name Hutchinson alludes to Anne Hutchinson, a religious leader in early New England who was eventually excommunicated and exiled.

What did Mrs Delacroix do in the lottery?

Delacroix picks up a stone to kill her friend with: Mrs. Delacroix selected a stone so large she had to pick it up with both hands… We can just imagine her staggering along towards Tessie to crush her with this stone in her bloodlust.

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How might Mrs Delacroix justify the killing of Tessie?

How might Mrs. Delacroix justify the killing of Tessie? It has always been this way therefore there is nothing she can do. She even may have deserved it because she was late therefore was disrespectful.

Why is Mr Dunbar not at the lottery?

Mr. Dunbar isn’t there because he broke his leg. However, that does not exempt him from the lottery, just from picking out the piece of paper from the box. Usually the oldest son would pick for the family, but his son is not even 16 yet, so his wife picks from the box for the family.

Who is Dixie Delacroix in the lottery?

Delacroix (a name that translates as “of the cross”) is a lottery participant, drawing for himself, his wife, and his son. Mrs. Delacroix is a housewife and the mother of young Dickie Delacroix. She is mild mannered and encourages Tessie to “be a good sport” when her family’s name is drawn.

What does the stool represent in the lottery?

The three-legged stool represents the Christian Trinity. Each leg represents God the father, God the son, and the Holy Spirit. The three-legged stool holds the black box of death, which is ironic because the Christian Trinity represents purity and holiness, but the black box represents sin and evilness.

Why is symbolism used in the lottery?

The lottery was carried by Mr. Summers, whose name is symbolic of the irony that the story is replete with. … The black box that the lots are drawn from is, of course, a symbol of death. Due to its color, which symbolizes death in Western culture, the black box, as it turns out in the end, actually does represent death.

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Why is the black box battered in the lottery?

Why is the black box described as “battered”? … The box is described as battered because of its age and tradition possibly referring to ancient times where stoning was common. Other symbols in the story are the stones which represented death, Mr.

What does the name Graves mean?

Graves is a surname of English origin. … “Occupational name from Middle English greyve, grayve, greve ‘steward bailif, manorial officer who managed the lord’s demense farm, headman of a town or village’, a borrowing from Old Scandinavian greifi ‘earl, count”.

What does the black box symbolize in the lottery?

The Black Box

The shabby black box represents both the tradition of the lottery and the illogic of the villagers’ loyalty to it. … These are part of the tradition, from which no one wants to deviate—the lottery must take place in just this way because this is how it’s always been done.