Frequent question: What is the new Wheel of Fortune theme song?

Why did they change the music on Wheel of Fortune?

Keeping on the subject of music, Wheel of Fortune also decided to change up the music that plays whenever a puzzle has been solved. For many, that sound has represented a feeling of victory and even relief for both fans and viewers. So this new musical tidbit feels a bit jarring for some.

When did Wheel of Fortune change its music?

For reference, from 1983 to 1989, “Wheel of Fortune” used a theme song called “Changing Keys.” It’s not quite as recognizable as the “Jeopardy!” theme music. But then again, it’s a subjective thing. The classic “Wheel” theme is certainly familiar enough to conjure up a few memories, depending on the person.

What is the latest episode of Wheel of Fortune?

Is Wheel of Fortune rigged?

The wheel itself is not rigged. Of course, this isn’t the only way that the show is streamlined to save time. For example, to avoid contestants repeating previous incorrect guesses, there’s a screen facing them showing those letters, but that’s not the only secret screen.

Why is there no final spin on Wheel of Fortune?

Pat Sajak is opening up about a big change viewers may have noticed this week on “Wheel of Fortune”: the host is no longer the one performing the final spin of the wheel during each game. … After years of Sajak completing the final spin, a decision was made to leave the job to contestants instead.

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Why are some letters blue on Wheel of Fortune?

The screens show a teal “Wheel” logo pattern for spaces not part of the puzzle and become white to show a “blank” for each letter or punctuation in the puzzle. After a contestant calls a letter, the corresponding panels, if any, turn blue along with a sound effect, before White’s touch causes the letter to be revealed.

What are the categories in Wheel of Fortune?

Wheel 2000 Categories

  • Above & Below: Puzzles related to whatever is above the Earth or below it, such as MOLTEN ROCK for the latter.
  • Book Soup: Puzzles related to literature, occasionally overlapping with V.I.P.’s.
  • Bright Ideas: Puzzles related to inventions.
  • Every Body: Puzzles related to body parts.

How can I watch the new Wheel of Fortune?


Wheel of Fortune has been on for more than 30 years and is syndicated almost everywhere. It currently lives on CBS with new episodes. This means you can get Wheel of Fortune streaming online with most of CBS’s available options.