Frequent question: Was Jack Black in the original NeverEnding Story?

Was Jack Black in the first NeverEnding Story?

Jack Black was a huge fan of the first NeverEnding Story movie, which is why he starred in the third film.

Why was Bastian recast in NeverEnding Story?

The roles of Bastian, Atreyu and the Child-like Empress were recast for The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter (1990) due to the ages of Barret Oliver, Noah Hathaway and Tami Stronach who were all in their late teens in 1989. Stronach wouldn‘t have returned even if asked because she didn’t sign on for the sequels.

Is there a NeverEnding Story 4?

The NeverEnding Story 4 is an upcoming adventure film. Coming soon in 2020s.

What happened to the boy who played Atreyu?

Noah Hathaway (Atreyu)

After the film, he appeared in an episode of Family Ties and the 1986 movie Troll. He’s continued to act occasionally as an adult in movies such as The Chair (2018) and Blue Dream (2013). He’s also worked as a tattoo artist.

Does Artax come back to life?

When you were a kid, Artax’s death was shattering. His death is real, and tragic. Yes, Artax does come back, but only because Bastian—who is just as devastated as the audience—wishes it.

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