Do bets count in extra time?

Do bets count in overtime?

Bets do not include overtime. Quarter/Half markets – The entire relevant period of play must be completed for bets to have action unless the result is already determined.

What happens if my bet goes to extra time?

We often get asked, do bets count in extra time. … Therefore, anything that happens during injury time or added time at the end of any period of a match will be deemed to have happened during full-time, and all bets will be settled as the full-time result.

Does full time bet include extra time?

General Rules. All bets are settled on the result after 90 minutes play unless otherwise specified. This includes injury time but does not include extra time or penalty shootouts.

Do NFL bets count in overtime?

Highest/Lowest Scoring Markets

Overtime counts for all bets, including highest scoring half / quarter where it is an addition to the 2nd half / 4th quarter.

Do bets count after 90 mins?

All bets in football are accepted on the basis that they are for 90 minute betting and extra time does not count for settlement purposes unless it has been clearly stated within the market. Example: Team A beats Team B 2-1 after extra time in a cup game. The match ended 1-1 after 90 minutes.

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Does overtime count for second half bets?

Second half wagers include results from overtime.

How long is extra time?

The extra time is made up of two 15-minute periods. If a game is still tied after extra time, it is usually decided by kicks from the penalty mark, commonly called a penalty shootout. Extra time is also used in other sports.

Does over under include extra time soccer?

All markets are settled based on the result at the end of regular time (including injury/stoppage time). Extra time and penalties are not included unless indicated.

How much extra time do you get in football?

If the score is equal after 90 minutes, in some competitions the game may go into extra time. Typically, this consists of two further 15-minute halves. Goals scored during the added time are considered part of the final score. If the score is still equal after added time, the game moves onto a penalty shoot out.