Best answer: What is a tall bet in craps?

What is a tall in craps?

Bonus Craps consists of an All Small, All Tall, and Make ‘Em All bet. … The All Small bet consists of the numbers 2-6, the All Tall bet consists of the numbers 8-12, and the Make ‘Em All bet consists of the numbers 2-6 and 8-12. If an All Small or an All Tall hits before a 7 is rolled, you will win 34 to 1.

What do they call 11 in craps?

Natural: A seven or 11 thrown on the come out roll for a winning bet. Odds Bet: An additional wager made in addition to the pass line bet. Off: What you say to indicate that they are not active on the next roll of the dice.

What is a fire bet?

A “Fire Bet” is an optional wager that can be made in conjunction with the operation of a standard casino Craps game. *All casino policies, procedures and house rules will remain the same. General Information: • The players can only make a bet on this bonus wager before the “Come Out” roll of a new.

What is Little Joe from Kokomo?

Little Joe from Kokomo is coming for you. That’s slang for a hard four in the game of craps in case you didn’t know.

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